Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sick Again

Hello blog land!!! Once again I have been MIA. To be honest right now I just feel like there are more important things in life then blogging. I am busy with work, running my daughter here and there & what not. Living next to friends also proves to keep a person busy. So much has happened not sure where to start.

Back in November my friend and I went to a Zumba Teacher Instruction class. We both left instructors. I won't really use my certificate here in Germany though. I can only work on post and when I can the room is taken. It was a fun weekend though & something I am glad I did. I had to go out of my comfort zone for this and would of been something I would never thought of doing 40+ pounds ago.

Zumba has really helped me break out of my shell and I love it!!! Right now I am working on my first song with my friend!!LOVE IT!!

Next my weight ticker on the side has been adjusted. As I get closer to the weight I would like to be at I do not think it is enough. So I have lowered my goal weight some more. Unfortunately with that the number to lose is higher again.

I have also been stuck when it comes to get the scale moving again. Well my bmi is now normal I refuse to let my body think this is where I am supposed to be at. I want to lose another 20 pounds and I guess it is something I will have to work hard for. Any suggestions? I have bought a stability ball though to sit on and do hand weights. My main focus right now is arms and stomach.

Today is my weigh in and I am down from last week (TOM WEEK) yet up an ounce from the week before that. With my birthday coming up in March I would like to lose 5 pounds by then. Normally I would think I could do it. Right now I am not to sure.

Off to take a nap. This cold is kicking my butt and I need my strength to go on a walk tonight!


Syl said...

sounds like alot of fun! Something that I have been wanting to try.

Fran said...

I'm glad you are letting us know how you're doing. Couldn't you write one post a week at least? I would love to keep in touch with you. I do understand that there are more important things. I have limited my blog reading time to an hour a day (bit more at the weekend) because I have so much to read, so many tv shows to watch and of course work out.

How cool it is that you got your Zumba certificate! Next time you visit Marcelle you can be the teacher :) and give her a Zumba class.

Sunshine Mama said...

You look great in those pictures! Congratulations on becoming an instructor. I'm not sure if I could be a Zumba instructor that would definitely take me out of my comfort zone.

Clean eating has been the miracle scale mover for me.

Hope you feel better!