Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Blues

I know that lack of sun effects everyone differently. Some love it others complain about it but I think (though I am not a doctor) I need it badly. How I act & motivation about life are so dramatic when it comes to the weather. I am extreme about it. In the summer I just want to go & go. I have no issues eating healthy & I am just a happier person. My cousin is the opposite. She is better in the winter & gets depressed in the summer. I am taking Vit. D & 5HTP. Nothing seems to help right now.

I am not a big believer in Astrology though about 6 years ago I was researching it. I do find it interesting. I am a Pisces. All about the water! Seeing water makes me calm & relaxed. When I went to Turkiye last summer I was in total peace out in the ocean just floating. My friend thought it was funny. She didn't believe how happy it made me until she saw for herself.

"Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Pisceans. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in Pisces roughly from February 20 to March 20, ending on the moment of vernal equinox by definition."

Need I say more. The words Sun & Tropical jump out to me! Either way since I am going on and on. I really feel the weather effects my mood, eating & exercising on the extreme level.

My husband is back which means less time at the computer & may have to do Zumba in front of him. Something I have never done. Maybe I will kick him downstairs to his "mans cave" so I can workout upstairs.

I printed out 3 calendars for February that I trying to map out my workouts for. I signed up for 2 challenges. Marcelle's & Sly's and I am still working on how I will fit it all in a day but I will. I see no day of rest for the entire month. I see 85 min. a day of exercise, 300 sit ups a week. If anything I will stay busy & have no time to snack!!!

I keep track of my exercise on Daily Mile. Truly feel like I am alone on there this week. Where is everyone?

On a last note I am starving when I get home. I eat breakfast at 7 & my lunch is 11:30. I do not get off until 3:15. Nights that I have errands to run I get home even later. It results in lots of mindless snacking. I do yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, fruit or salad & almonds for lunch. What would be a good snack to eat to get me through until dinner?

Need to get that scale moving some more. I want the 15 pounds off & now.

Week ends with a total of 8 workouts, walking 25km, exercising 8 hrs. & 58 min., burning 4065 calories!


Marcelle said...

I think you can only understand how we feel when you move away from where we come from to where we are have NO understanding of this.

I am with you totally...I love the sun and come alive when the sunshines, I feel like a new person and wonder why I cant feel like this all the time....then remember...winter, I dont do winter.

I will be following you on DM, FB, Group and blogs and supporting you every inch of the way...remember to send me Thursdays updates.
You motivate me at the keep the updates coming.

dawne said...

Burning those kind of calories weekly will get you down that 15 pounds in no time. I have about the same to lose to get to my goal...we're doing this Sarah.

My friend uses light glasses every morning to get her sunlight. They are on prescription from her Dr. and she rents them from a pharmacy. They make a huge difference for her, our winters do not provide a lot of sunlight.

Sunshine Mama said...

I love light too and always seem to be counting the days when it stays lighter outside or I'm happier when the sun is shining. I have heard of those light treatments too.

Wow! That is a lot of workouts that you have planned. You'll definitely see progress with that!

Have you thought of eating some eggs with your oatmeal at breakfast? or also is there a way to slip in a snack before your 11:30 lunch? Maybe a low calorie protein drink.

Fran said...

I always eat fruit as a snack in the afternoon but I don't know if that's fulfilling for you. Just try some things what works best for you.

I'm not really effected by the weather but I'm more a Winter than a Summer girl. But I have friends that are effected by the weather too.

I'll be back on Dailymile tonight, haven't done anything this weekend. I usually log in to track my workouts and when I do that I check on everybody else what they have been doing.

Big plans for February, try to split your workouts over the day and do count the long walks you took with your neighbour and her dog, they really do count especially since you are walking that long every time. You can do it!

Maria said...

I am so proud of you! You look AWESOME! Just hang in there, before you know it winter will be over.