Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 214

Steve over at Log My Loss posted a very interesting link that I thought that I would share. 20 worst drinks in America. I am proud to report that I do not drink any of these and in fact I have never had anyone of them ever!! So I am safe in that department.

Wanted to share a dessert that I have love!!

OK so they might not count as a dessert to you but they do to me. I love them! I really love the strawberry ones! The second box, the one's with the cream in the middle are not that great. Won't be buying those again like I will with the second box.

It has been raining non stop since I got out of the gym this afternoon. It took everything that I had to run a mile. This cold is kicking my butt but I am trying to at least do something still even if it is small.

I received an award from Marcelle.

The rules are to post 7 things about myself & pass it on to 15 bloggers. I am passing it on to everyone that wants it. My internet is still acting up and I don't want to risk it cutting out well I am adding people. It has taken me over an hour just to write this.

1. I love magazines. At one point I had 8 plus delivered to my house every month. I am sure that the mailman loved me at the beginning of every month.

2. I am on my 7th car and I know I get a new one when I move back to the states. Never wrecked any of them. Just kept changing my mind.

3. I could live on sushi

4. I used to date guys based on the last name

5. I love swimming but I hate the way I look in a swimsuit

6. I have an issue with odd numbers but I hate the number 6. Makes grocery shopping interesting.

7. I round the number at the gas tank...every time.

Please take this award if you would like to. Everyone I follow has such great blogs!


Marcelle said...

Oh cant find those lollipops in Germany, others yes, but not those, so much have been bought on base!!
Hoping to visit those shops on base one day.

I didn't know any of the 7 things - so was a very interesting read...thank!

Its been raining here all day a well..our surrounding just look a lot greener than your side.

Fran said...

Still a dry day here but it's cold for the time of year. Even I, who doesn't like hot days that much, am sick and tired of it.

Those strawberry lollipops look like the ones we have here in Holland which has less calories too. But I'm not a big fan of ice dream so don't eat it that often.

logmyloss said...

Those popsicles look great! Are they no sugar added? They look like that is the case.

Sunshine Mama said...

Sorry, I've been gone for a bit. I see it's gotten cold again!

I totally understand about also not wanting to work out in the heat. It's been very hot lately. Seems like it can never just be perfect.

Your Mexican dish looks wonderful!

dawne said...

I don't get it - dated if you liked their last name? If it suited your first name? You're a nut!!!! A lovable nut.