Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 213

I got up this morning and was out the door for a run at 7am. This is a very big thing for me as running first thing in the morning is not me. Well really anything at 7am is not me but I knew I needed to be out the door to walk my daughter to the bus stop or I would talk myself out of it. Glad I did it though!

Dinner was supposed to be chicken enchiladas. The store was out of corn tortillas so I had to buy flower and ended up making a burrito/enchilada. Not really sure what it was though. This is what I mixed up to put in the inside. Boiled chicken, black beans, onion, red pepper, chili peppers & cilantro.

Then I screwed it up by adding green sauce and A LOT of cheese. It's the mexican in me. I can't help it. Added tomato, olives & avocado.

This is a picture of me after running tonight. I look like a total dork but oh well. I wasn't digging last nights pictures either so if it was up to me you guys would never see any of me.

The internet has been off and one for the last two days so I am cutting this short so that I can read your blogs. I am so behind and tomorrow I have soccer practice so busy night again.


Marcelle said...

Thanks for the hours chat on the phone earlier, as I said we sure know how to moan and groan about EVERYTHING when we chat...LOL. but its fun and good to get it all off one's shoulders from time to time.

Well done on the 7am run...I was sitting at my internet that time...LOL, too early for me to train as well...but good to train before you have your breakfast.

You looking great...
I usually tuck my ipod lead through my top, not bra, as when I run it get caught in my arms...

Lacey said...

Gosh that food looks SO FREAKING YUMMY. Mmmmmmmmmm. I am totally making this next week!

Mike was looking over my shoulder as I was reading this and he was like, "WOW! WOW! Effin' awesome job, Sarah!" And I was all, "Right? It looks so delicious!" And he was all, "No, HER!" I thought that would make you smile. :-) You are looking so fantastic!

I just saw Marcelle's comment and I run my headphones under my shirt too. Otherwise I'd trip and kill myself, lol!

logmyloss said...

Uh, maybe it is just me, but I don't think you look like a dork at all.

Good job on the exercise!

dawne said...

You look fab!!!! Very cool tat up your leg...wild woman.

Fran said...

What dork? I don't see one. I see you: you look great!

Great job for running at 7 am especially since it's something you normally wouldn't do.

Fran said...

I'm not familiar with blogspot but I think you can add my blog the same way to your blogroll as you did with the other ones in your blogroll.

If you use Google reader you can also subscribe to my post in the left bar at "berichten RSS"

Good luck, I'd be honored to be on your blogroll.