Monday, December 31, 2012

One last for 2012

I thought I would write one last time for 2012. I am up 8 pounds from my lowest weight. I hate that I am ending the year like this. Not where I wanted to be. I have had trouble ever since I moved from Germany. Hoping to get this under control with my friend Marcelle's sugar challenge! I have already gotten rid of diet soda, Crystal Light & Splenda. I have added weight lifting into my exercise & in fact I decided to end 2012 with a bang & used higher weights today.

 Goals for 2013
 - Lose the 8 pounds I gained
 - Tone up & see muscle (A part of the Bodybuilding world has really intrigued me)
 - Get rid of sugar for the most part & eat as much Organic as possible
 - Workout minimum 5 days a week

 Tomorrow I will take measurements & step on the scale & see where I am & where need to go!!! 

 Bring it 2013!!  This is my year to finally be where I want to be!



Marcelle said...

I'm with you as I need to lose about 4kgs after just letting go a bit too much since my visit to SA ....but now with fog brain I am also ready.
Hook up with me via skype...its a good way to chat when one is stuck for motivation etc...marcellew is my name....and if you are on whatsapp, let me know as I am.
We can do this......Yes we can!!

Fran said...

Happy New Year Sarah!

We're in the same boat regarding the weight gain last year. I've gained 9 lbs last year.

I like your goals, they are doable and measurable and I'm sure 2013 will be a great year for you and you will reach your goals.