Sunday, February 27, 2011

A late post with my Weigh In

Boy oh boy have I been busy. I don't feel like I have had time to sit & read blogs,breath or even clean my house. Yet this has been a week that I have exercised everyday. Not really sure how that happens. Either way my weigh in for this week is a loss of .9 of a pound. Yup one ounce away from a pound. Sounds about right for my weigh in's.

Looking at my side bar I really don't think 13 pounds is going to be enough to make me happy. At least with this slow weigh loss I am keeping it off but I think I am going to want to lose more then 13 pounds. Maybe 125 is a number that I need to try for.

It was an interesting eating week. We were getting ready for One Hundred Day at school in Kindergarten. There has been some major issues in the classroom with one of the kids which has caused some major stress.

Yesterday we had a birthday party at a friends. I went with a green shake (which was not great). I ended up cutting a sandwich in half & eating some carrots with dressing with about a spoonful of pasta. The cake was Dirt Cake so I had a spoonful of that and it was all. I was doing good and proud of myself. Then my daughter decided to say some things & I sent her home. My husband & I went to the movies. I was so upset I ate entire bag of M&M's. Not the single serving size & not the big bag. The middle size one. Not sure what I thought it was going to do but I was just so mad at the time I really didn't care. This is a area I need to work on.

Friday night a group of us drove about an hour away to take a one hour Zumba class with a Master Zumba Instructor. It was great to see the different styles out there. The woman in the yellow top was the Master teacher. She did more of an African style dance which was not really any of our styles that we do. It was a great time though. A great way to hang out & burn calories & not consume them.

Woke up to it snowing this morning. Yesterday I was wearing flip flops. Not a happy camper right now. Off to get ready for Zumba!


Sabrina said...

Another good weigh in and kudos for getting your workouts in, despite being busy.

Fran said...

Well done on the weight loss and doing your workouts despite the fact that you were busy.

Sounds like fun to go to that Zumba class with the girls.

Fran said...

Hai girl, this blog from Linzi might be interesting for you. She's getting married in July and is a future army wife. I've mentioned your blog on her blog too and maybe you will like her blog too: