Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy Busy

I am still alive but a busy busy person. I was home last week Thursday & Friday from work because I was in such pain. Something I have never felt before. Either way it has put a damper on my workout schedule for February. I feel like between the nonstop pain & the nonstop fog we are having outside I am in a rut. I just want to fast forward to March skip the middle of that month and go straight to summer! These pictures are both taken from yesterday. Beautiful yes but the entire day it did not look this beautiful!

My eating has been so so. I am on the TOM & having some cravings which with the depressing mood I am in I have given in to. I feel like I need to do a revamp on my eating. I feel like when I have less choices I do better. This is something I need to look into asap.

Hate to make this short but I have 30 candy grams to get ready for tomorrow. Oh the joys of school & the holidays!

P.S. I just ordered a shirt & water bottle from Jen- Prior Fat Girl!! How exciting!


Marcelle said...

Glad to hear it was only TOM that caused you such terrible pain, I was really worried about you to be honest....thought that sort of pain for so long was not normal.


Fran said...

Is the pain gone now? I hope for you it is.

Love the pics!

I do read Jen's blog but never comment on it. She's gotten too big and she never ever took the effort to comment on my blog. I don't like that. I like getting comments and make sure that I comment at least on everybody's blog who did this on mine.

Becky said...

Those are beautiful shots!